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betta fish care,how to take care of a betta fish

Aquarium Fish Tips

Regardless of what type of fish you choose to keep, making sure that the water is clean, is perhaps the most important aspect of any good mainenance regiment. Fish love to have a good enviornement to thrive in so it is vital that you take tyhe time to properly take care of your pets tank.

Try and clean it at least once a week is best, if you are stuk for time replace about one quarter of the tanks water every other day to keep it as fresh as possible. Just doing this simple step can greatly lengthen the life of whatver tropical fish you are trying to keep.

Information About Betta Fish

How To properly Take Care Of A Betta Fish


While several differnt points of view seem to circulate about how accurate information regarding betta fiash care is, I would like to clear some of the misconceptions up. Of all the different arguments about how to take care of a betta fish out there, the one that seems to prevail the most is proper tank size for your betta. The debate goes like this, if betta fish live in shallow water (and they do) than it is only logical that they should be kept in a small tank.

how to take care of betta fish

As that is their natural enviornemnt. While that statement may be true, the fact is that if you want a healthy betta fish than you need to house them in a tank of at least 5 gallons with ten being recommended. That will not only provide a good environment for your betta fish but also limit the amount of bacteria and other harmful chemicals that can form in your tank.

  • Never over feed
  • keep the tank clean of debris
  • Change the water regularly
  • Never keep males together

It is not only a good idea but can help eliminate many of the usual betta fish care chores. Next to the improper tank size debate, peopel often wonder how much to feed their betta fish. Overfeeding is perhaps one of the most common problems people have in keepng betta's so it is vital you feed them properly. If you don't they can end up with a sick betta fish and get several diseases.

In addition to feeding them the right amounts, you must also be sure to give them a balanced diet. The recommended dite of food is a combination of live and pellets and flakes. With added foods kept to a minimum. So how much should you feed a betta fish? A pinch of food give twice a day is what you should be feeding your betta. betta fish are pigs and will eat as much as you give them so becareful to not overfeed.

While you should feed them regularly, skipping a meal is not dangerous and can help clean their system of any blockage caused by over feeding. Going on a vacation or forgetting to feed them won't hurt your betta typically. The number one thing to remember is that clean water in your tank is vital to good over all betta fish care. You should use water that has been kept out overnight and allowed to age as that will help eliminate any harmful chemicals. If in doubt most major pet stores offer "drops" and other aditives you can use to help free the water of any harmful chemicals. Keeping a clean enviornmehnt is the first thing to do in maintaining a proper betta fish enviornment.